Transportation system, alcohol sales survey topics at SGA meeting


Jared Casto

Duncan Wagaman speaks to the senate about recent devlopments in the transportation system at the SGA Meeting, March 1, 2016.

Marshall’s Student Government Association addressed recent developments for the proposed transportation system and new committees during Tuesday’s meeting.

Student body president Duncan Waugaman discussed a meeting he and SGA vice president Izzy Rogner had with president Jerome Gilbert where the transportation system was a dominant topic. Waugaman said Gilbert was more than receptive to the idea.

“We went in with president Gilbert, gave him our ideas and not only did he listen to us, but he gave his own ideas,” Waugaman said.

President pro tempore Alex O’Donnell read a message from Rogner concerning a meeting she and SGA adviser Carla Lapelle had with the Tri-State Transit Authority. Rogner said the TTA meeting addressed the transportation systems’ proposed bus stops, hours of operation and days of operation.

“We are now waiting to hear back from them on what the pricing model will look like,” Rogner said. “We will then meet with the senior vice presidents and president Gilbert to propose the idea.”

Senators were encouraged to sign up for the new Alcohol Sales Survey Committee, which aims to obtain the student opinion on allowing alcohol in the football stadium and Budget Committee, which will focus on recent budget cuts and innovative ways to use the existing budget.

Senator Nick Uliana talked to the senate about the goals of the Alcohol Sales Survey Committee and what he hoped the committee would accomplish during its first meeting.

“We’re going to talk about contents of the survey, what we think the survey should be and we’re going to kind of get an idea of a date so we can start rolling on this,” Uliana said.

The Senate also passed a resolution to publish an easily accessible list of SGA senators along with their contact information. According to senator Sophia Mills who crafted the resolution, students should be able to look up and contact the senators who represent them.

“I think that, if we’re representing students, they need to know who their senators are,” Mills said. “I just think if we know who our congressmen and senators are, it should be the same for student government.”

O’Donnell used his executive report to thank the senate for the progress they have made in the first half of the semester.

“We’ve done so much stuff and I’m really happy with everyone discussing, debating things and being active,” O’Donnell said.

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