Community Drawing Sessions at the Visual Arts Center

The Visual Arts Center of Marshall University will be having community drawing sessions with the Tri-State Arts Association. The first drawing session will begin at 6:30p.m., Sept. 8, 2015. The Director of the School of Design, Sandra Reed and TSAA President Rabert Fulks worked together to build the event.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with, his name is Rabert Fulks, from Tri-State Arts Association, because we both had a really compatible spirit about what the objectives are and how much information is needed and we both really feel that this is the start of something great” said Reed.

“It gets the students to mingle with community members that they might not otherwise encounter.”

— Sandra Reed

The purpose of the pilot is to provide a supportive environment for self-directed drawing sessions with the subject of the costumed or draped human figure including portrait drawing according the TSAA website.

The idea for the drawing sessions came from a guided tour of the VAC. Led on the tour by Reed, Fulks and other members of the TSAA started working when the idea started to bloom into an event. Fulks said when the pilot sessions are completed, he will meet with Reed and other TSAA board members to decide the fate of the program.

The drawing sessions are open to Marshall University students and Huntington community members.

“It gets the students to mingle with community members that they might not otherwise encounter. I know that a couple of faculty, including myself, intend to attend and participate in the drawing sessions.” Reed said.

The session will be on the fifth floor of the Visual Arts Center. Equipment including easels, digital monitors, studio lamps, and work sinks will be provided by the VAC. The VAC is located on 3rd Avenue across from Pullman Square.


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