Faiths of Abraham to represent primary religions

The Marshall University Religious Studies Society will present Faiths of Abraham at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Marco’s Room in the Memorial Student Center basement.

Allen Armel, vice president of the Religious Studies Society, said the Faith of Abraham panel is a venue for representatives of the three primary Abrahamic faiths to answer questions students and members of the community may have.

The panel will begin with each panelist introducing his or her faith. After introductions, students will ask questions to members of the panel.

Aaron Dunn, president of the Religious Studies Society, said the goal is to inform students of faiths that may or may not be their own, and to foster and promote infer-faith dialogue on campus.

Members of the panel include Rabbi Jean Eglington of B’nai Shalom, professor of the Jewish Way of Life, Majed Khader, professor of the World of Islam and Larry Baily, Methodist preacher and professor of Literature of the Old Testament and Literature of the New Testament.

Students can submit questions for the panel on the Religious Studies Society website.

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