Quiz game determines Wizard of Sexuality Studies


Professors Dawn Howerton, left, Hillary Brewster, Robin Conley and Shawn Schulenberg participate in “Wizards of Sexuality,” an informational Q&A game show Monday in Smith Hall.

Marshall University faculty battled it out Monday in the Wizard of Sexuality Studies game show.

Wizard of Sexuality Studies is a game show in which students ask the questions, vote for the best answers and donate to help their favorite faculty contestants achieve victory.

This year, the faculty panel included Dawn Howerton, department of psychology, Robin Conley, department of sociology and anthropology, Hillary Brewster, department of English, and Shawn Schulenburg, department of political science.

“All four of us are great friends outside of this contest,” Howerton said. “We could say that makes this more competitive.”

At the end of the final round, Schulenburg was in the lead with 93 points, but with donations totaling $13, Brewster became the new Wizard of Sexuality Studies with a total score of 104 points.

Brewster received a magic wand and a wizard hat for getting the most points.

“I knew that Hermione Granger and I went a ways back,” Brewster said. “It was nice to be vindicated because last year I won the points votes and lost by the money vote, but this time I won by the money vote. I will be wearing my hat while teaching tomorrow.”

The questions the audience asked ranged from sexuality in geek culture and TV shows to gender equality in the home and workplace.

“Some of the questions I didn’t ask were really something,” said Eric Del Chrol, director of classics. “It was nice to have that private joke. I really appreciated how our professors were able to step in and give some excellent answers to some really off the wall questions.”

A donation of $56 was made to CONTACT Rape Crisis Center as a result of audience members voting for their favorite contestants.

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