Panhellenic Council Invites Incoming Members

Marshall Universities Panhellenic Council, the governing body of greek life, met with recruits for the first time for their annual sorority 101 meeting on Aug. 31.  

The Pandemic impacted the process of recruiting last year, but Greek events and activities are active and in-person. Panhellenic President Courtney Lulek along with the rest of the board shared with the potential recruits what their responsibilities and goals are as a member of a sorority. 

“I loved how being in this specific position in Panhellenic encompasses all of the different chapters. I do not just speak for myself; I speak for all four of the chapters. I was really just big on trying to get Greek unity back to where it was because it hasn’t been that way in a long time, and I felt like I could really help bring everyone together especially with the pandemic,” said president Lulek.  

Joining a sorority encompasses a week of mutual matching starting Sept 22 and ending with bid day on Sept. 26. The goal is to match members to the house that is the best fit, as well as community service and GPA (Grade Point Average) standards. This leaves many first-year students to be nervous and unsure of whether they want to join.  

“It is completely normal (to be nervous). When you go to the houses the girls there should ease your nerves. That was a big thing for me, I was really nervous going through, whenever you get in those chapters and start talking to other girls you ask, where do I feel the most comfortable, who eases my nerves, and who talks to me like a normal friend? If you are nervous do not worry, everyone else is too,” said Lulek.  

There will be another meeting, called Sorority 102, that will be held on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center basement, room BE5.  

The recruitment process includes work from recruitment counselors as well as board members. Recruitment counselors are all members of a sorority on campus, but their status is unknown for recruitment week. They do this for the goal of remaining unbiased and helping students find the house that is the best match for that student.  

“As a junior, I have been here to help recruit both in person and virtually. After last year especially, I really wanted to be here and help the girls in person again,” said counselor Karli. Joining a sorority requires no prior knowledge, only the goal of making new friends here on campus.  

Alaina Laster can be contacted at [email protected].