One-Day Labor Film Festival this Thursday

The Labor Film Festival will be held in the Joan C. Edwards Performing Center on Thursday at 6 p.m. to show films about the struggles and successes of workers lives in Central Appalachia. Tijah Bumgarner, the director of the event, spoke about the festival expectations. “As for the festival, unfortunately, the submission rate for the festival by Central Appalachian filmmakers was quite low,” Tijah said.
“There are no student films participating in the festival this year. However, we have multiple films that highlight the history of labor in the region. I look forward to sharing films about labor history with an audience and hope it will spark a conversation not only about the history of the region but the possible futures as well.”Though the event isn’t student -made, its goal is to show people more about the problems faced by workers.Interested students around campus have talked about what they expect from the event. Some seem to be excited or intrigued by the idea of a film event that isn’t student-made.
Tabby Collins, a biology major at Marshall, said, “I have always been into whatever the Performing Center has to offer. Plays and talent shows have always been fun to go to, especially with friends. It will be interesting to see what will be shown and what kind of different perspectives people will use for the festival.”
Allison King, an English major, also had some good things to say about this upcoming event.”I have always been interested in the different types of shows the Performing Center has to offer. Who can pass down a free showing of movies? I have seen a good amount of talent that is created each time. I know a lot of many talented people that do this kind of stuff and I know the expectations aren’t going to disappoint. I defiantly will be recommending to a couple people to go!”Jarred Carter, a coding major said, “I don’t really go to many of these things so, I don’t know what to expect from this event. However, it does seem really interesting that they are doing films on Central Appalachia. Not a lot of people do films on those types of situations. I hope it turns out great and I wish everyone luck!”