Retro vibes at Historic Hippie


Catherine Blankenship

Historic Hippie is full of nostalgic items and handmade goods.

Local and nostalgic — The Historic Hippie gives off retro and unique energy as soon as you step through the door. Husband-and-wife duo, Katie and James Cox, pride the family-owned business they have created.   

The Historic Hippie opened in Huntington, W.Va in Sept. 2020, but Katie and James became inspired in 2016. Katie began selling homemade jewelry at outdoor festivals, and the two of them began vending in 2017.  

“We actually started vending in Ashland at festivals and things like that,” owner James Cox said. “Due to the lack of foot traffic because of the pandemic, we actually had to find somewhere where people are out and about, so we relocated to Huntington.”  

The Historic Hippie focuses on records and vintage stereo equipment but offers so much more — handmade jewelry, soaps, candles, and clothing and crystal options. 

“My wife makes homemade jewelry, and our business kind of began when she would give out necklaces at concerts,” James Cox said. “Someone pushed her back in 2016 and said maybe you should try to sell those. After some thinking, we decided to open our own vendor and sell them around 2017.”  

“I love designing my homemade jewelry,” Katie Cox said. “I love crystals and kind of base my jewelry through them. I actually am making copper plated chokers right now that will soon be offered in our store.”  

The Historic Hippie is located at 210 11th St #2, Huntington, WV 25701, and open Tuesday-Saturday 11-7. They are constantly getting in new inventory and expanding their business.  

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