Brick Oven Pizza plans to expand to full capacity


Blake Newhouse

Z Brick Oven Pizza is looking to expand its 1037 7th Ave. location. In an attempt to draw more “late night” customers, the pizza restaurant is open from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m.


After the fire in June 2017 took Brick and Brews gourmet pizza restaurant, Z Brick Oven pizza was brought up from the ashes with the motto, “Serving good food, all night long.”

Joshua Pineda and Zane Carter opened Z Brick Oven in 2007. The pair said Z Brick Oven offers a wide variety of menu items including appetizers, garden fresh salads, brick oven pizzas, low carb bowls, turnovers, calzones, subs, pastas and even desserts. 

 “Our menu is full of many different delicious items one can enjoy,” Pineda said. “The only problem we have is that our location is farther away from Marshall’s campus.”

By changing the business hours to 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., Pineda said he still hopes to attract the late-night college crowd. Pineda  said his business increases around 2 a.m.

With D.P. Dough being their only late-night pizza competitor in the local area, Pineda said his delivery, customer service and assorted menu can cover the distance.

“With Z Brick at this location only being up and running for about a year now, I would say that business is going very well,” said Chase Robertson, the full-time manager at the restaurant. “Joshua will own the building in about 7 years now and we already have plans to expand into this building’s full capacity. Cabell County will not allow us to open a dining area for people who want to sit down and enjoy our food here because we do not have a public restroom.”

Pineda said they are working on improvements for the establishment, hoping to open a dining area as well.

“While we are only using half of the building, we are focusing on keeping a concrete business and marketing plan, which is serving good food all night long,” he said. “Most of our customers either order in for pick up or delivery. Soon we will be able to transform Z Brick Oven into a place where our customers can dine in as well.”

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