A MOMENT WITH MEG: Celebrate grieving

This week’s submission: Sup Meg! 

So, I’ve been feeling really down lately. I graduate this semester and that is exciting, but I keep thinking about after graduation and get sad because everything is going to be different. I won’t be around my friends because a lot of them are leaving, I’m so used to being in school that I’m worried my mental health will suffer and I’m worried I won’t find a job. Any idea how I can stay positive and try to have a better outlook on my future?


Hi friend.

Change is never comfortable, but it is also inevitable. Your concerns about being alone and the lack of normal consistency will likely be overwhelming, yes, but a more positive way to look at the situation may help. You would not be in this situation if you were not capable of handling it.

Of course, insert all that jargon about how strong you are, etc. Seriously. Your life changing is a sign of growth and accomplishment that you have achieved. Perhaps perceiving this achievement will bring things full circle and provide a safer perspective.

For example, when you first came to college, I am sure you had similar feelings to what you are experiencing now. Your apprehensiveness is not new, and it is not unusual. But obviously, since you are graduating, you adjusted and prevailed. 

This time in your life is a jump and a leap of faith in yourself.

Something important to remember is that the majority of things in our lives are not permanent, but that does not mean they are useless and they surely don’t have to be painful.

You have learned from and loved many people at MU. Instead of grieving their loss, you can celebrate the impact they have made on yourself. You can celebrate all of your time here by looking back and remembering the struggles you made it through to feel prideful. Celebrate your dearest friendships by understanding and respecting the change that is occurring is natural and at the fault of no one.

Life moves forward and so can your friendships, even if they are from afar.  Celebrate the grieving process of consistency and embrace the excitement for change and new opportunity. Also, take a nap. You’re nearly done! You can do that now!


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