Some social norms are meant to be broken

These unwritten rules have always irked me to no end, especially ones that seem ludicrous or make no sense to follow.


Jocelyn Gibson

Reading the last page of a book before finishing it is one of the unspoken rules Shelton admits to breaking in her column.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always hated being confined by the norms of society. These unwritten rules have always irked me to no end, especially ones that seem ludicrous or make no sense to follow.

Some would say I’m just rebellious, but I just hate certain events that society lives by like a book. For example, why does it matter if everyone stands up when the bride walks down the aisle? Why do people make such a big deal over whether a baby is a boy or girl? Or, better yet, why do people not like to talk on elevators?

The following is a list of social norms I refuse to follow, no matter how old and mature I get through the years.

1.  Sending out Christmas cards.

Almost every family follows the tradition of sending out cards with their annual family picture and announcements. They beautify themselves in coordinating or matching colors, but I’ve always thought these cards looked fake. Almost everyone exaggerates what the year has held for them, and when do families walk around looking that nice and posed?

2. Celebrating Valentine’s Day.

I’ve always thought this holiday is one that is completely constructed and controlled by Hallmark. Everyone runs out to spend money on flowers, chocolate, and other romantic items for their significant others. My main question is why isn’t celebrating an anniversary enough? Why is this day dictated to be one full of love and romance? To be frank, the holiday is simply overrated and people should show their love and affection to one another all 365 days of the year.

3.  Not reading the last page of a book until you’re finished.

I must be one for spoilers, as I love to read the last page of a book before I’m even halfway finished. I’m just very impatient with finding out what happens to the characters, if everything works out, etc., that I have to know right then. Most people would prefer to read page for page. Me? I like the endings.

4.  Wanting to be treated like a lady all the time.

I’ll admit that it’s nice to have guys holding doors open for me and occasionally paying for my food at restaurants. However, I also like to be noticed for other things about myself besides being a girl. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter who pays, who holds the door open, etc., to me.

5.  Black is only reserved for goths and for funerals.

If this one proves to be true, society must either view me as someone who attends a funeral everyday or a real gothic chick. I’ve been wearing this color nonstop since I was young. Not only does it match every outfit in my closet, it also seems to be thinning.

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