New ministry encourages religious exploration for Greeks

Unifying Greek Life through Bible studies, the campus ministry organization Greek Impact plans to get more sororities and fraternities involved spiritually to facilitate change, a volunteer for the organization said.

“It’s a great way to show that not all Greek Life is bad,” said Logan Foster, a Greek Impact volunteer and senior mechanical engineering major. “We do care about spiritual health, and if people get more involved spiritually, maybe they’ll care more about their community, their philanthropy and service they can do for their chapter.”

Foster said there are negative stigmas surrounding Greek Life, such as that members cannot grow their faith while in Greek Life. Whitney Roberts, founder and movement leader of the organization and a graduate student in the counseling program, said Greek Impact, established in 2017, tries to shut down misconceptions.

“It is possible to have a solid relationship with God while being in the Greek community,” said Roberts, who was in a sorority while in undergraduate school.

To form a spiritual bond while in Greek Life, Roberts said Greek Impact facilitates Greek Bible studies, summer mission trips and conferences. These programs are all ways to get to explore, be challenged and grow in Greek Life members’ spiritual lives, she said.

Roberts said this type of group is was what she was missing in college, and now “Greek students who may be in those same shoes have a place they can turn to and have those needs met.”

“What better way to bring about unity and to show my experiences with the Bible,” Foster said.

It does not matter what Greek Life chapter a student is in, but what matters is that “it brings about unity and brotherhood to a Greek Life system that maybe doesn’t feel as whole with the main part of campus or student organizations,” Foster said.

Greek Impact, which Roberts said is still in its beginning stages of development, welcomes all sororities and fraternities, and Foster said he is looking forward to getting more sororities and fraternities involved with Greek Impact.

Because of Greek Life students’ busy schedules, Roberts said Greek Impact meetings tend to change each week and semester, depending on what works best for the students, but the organization typically meets in the Memorial Student Center.

If Greek Life members wish to get involved, Roberts said members can connect with Greek Impact through its Instagram page.

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