LAST CALL for Student Capstone Exhibitions


The opening reception for the last installment of art student capstone exhibitions was Monday in the Carroll Art Gallery at the Visual Arts Center.

LAST CALL got its name from the students in the group. All of them are seniors and they thought it would be a cool name since it’s their final show.

“This show is dense, it’s thick, it’s present,” Director Sandra Reed said.

A few of the mediums included in the show are graphic design, illustrations and ceramics.

“I have no stage ability, so I decided to do the design part,” senior graphic design major, Peyton Hebb, said. “When it came to picking a show, I chose to go with ‘A Sunday in the Life with Georges’ and it’s a fictional show about the artist Georges Seurat. When designing the pieces, I wanted to focus more on his style of work, pointillism. Pointillism is thousands and millions of little dots that blend together to form images without having any lines.”

In Hebb’s project, she uses red and blue. From far away the viewer sees purple, but close-up there are tiny dots of red and blue.

Hebb said her inspiration behind the blue and red is that Seurat is obsessed with his work and the dots in his work. There’s a whole musical number where the flower of a lady’s hat is purple and it needs more red and blue.

“When I knew I was going to be presenting this work to mostly fellow artists who would know and understand the painting,” Hebb said, “I thought they could engage with it more that way and make a connection and be more interested instead of it being a random show.”

Along with Peyton Hebb are students Alexandra Neddo, Lindsey Cheek, Leah Gore, Myla Sullivan and Liang Wu.

Alexandra Neddo worked with clay to produce a collection of different ceramic works, as well as a large-scale drawing.

Lindsey Cheek’s work is a set of five guitars she has painted with different lyrics. She gave an object a new identity that’s different than what its original purpose is. In an abstract way, it represents the transformation she takes on every day.

Leah Gore worked with burlap and other textiles. The materials used have had prior human intervention.

“The works remain with elements of reality that create their own drama without mimicking nature. While using common everyday materials (burlap, industrial plastic, black tar) I want them to be appreciated for their aesthetic value,” Gore said. “Hopefully they provoke a tactile, sensual experience for the viewer.”

Myla Sullivan created a mini-film about two long lost friends trying to find each other again, called “With Me.” Among the things included in her project is a process book that contains the outline, screen play and story board of her film.

Liang Wu’s work is about a narrative that takes place in China. He created illustrations in Adobe Illustrator to express the work. He included Mount Everest, Heaven Lake and the terrace fields in China.

LAST CALL will be up for viewing until 4 p.m. Friday.

Hannah Swartz can be contacted at [email protected]