Column: Full Moon emotions will wane, be replaced by clarity, understanding

It is certain this Full Moon has brought tough emotions to the forefront of our consciousnesses. Any issues we may have been able to tuck away throughout this month are unavoidable now. We’re feeling a strong urge to speak up about our grievances and those who have caused them. Should we compromise with others or should we practice self-assertion.

Initially, we may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we’re having thrown at us. This may even cause some of us to go into a self-induced isolation. You are human and you have the natural right to do so. Come out once you’ve had time to recharge and process everything going on around you. This Full Moon illumination can be a lot to take in, but the clarity that comes after will be well worth it.

This Full Moon also brings about great financial healing. Investments made during the New Moon earlier in this month are sure to bloom at this time. Forgive yourself for spending “too much” money on the things that truly make you happy. Any monetary gaps will be filled. Remember money is a tool and nothing more. Indulge!

Don’t let weird energy distract you from from gaining emotional fulfillment. Misunderstandings are highly likely at this time, so simply listen and observe. Also, take time to yourself.

Trust your gut-feeling always. If a person or situation feels toxic to you, distance yourself. In order to remove negativity from your life, you must cut off its source. It is okay to let go and move towards happier living.

Capricorn: Don’t let unnecessary drama prevent you from enjoying the abundance all around you. You’ve worked way too hard to get to this point.

Taurus: A long-awaited solution may finally come to you this week, Taurus. Others will be in awe of how you always seem to find a way!

Virgo: You may have recently decided to wash your hands of a draining situation or way of thinking. It may have taken you some time to reach this decision, but better late than never!

Scorpio: Expect some disagreements or tension to loom this week, Scorpio. You could be a major part of the problem, but taking a step back could prove to be the solution.

Pisces: Things are looking up this week! Stay open to new opportunities that present themselves to you.

Cancer: An expected blessing may find you this week, Cancer. Enjoy this gift and set aside some time for yourself.

Aquarius: Try a new method. Unforeseen obstacles may appear this week, Aquarius.

Gemini: This Libra Full Moon may have you seeking out the approval of others. Stay true and solid in your decision making.

Libra: A Full Moon in your sign evokes great personal power from within. It couldn’t be more clear what direction you must go from here.

Leo: It is okay to love and fully immerse yourself in love. Let go of anxiety.

Aries: You may feel restricted or slighted by recent Full Moon events. Take a step back and open your heart to different ways of thinking.

Sagittarius: You may not be seeing the results of your hard work just yet. Be patient, Sagittarius. Your seeds will bloom before long.

Kabrea James can be contacted at [email protected]