Column: Aries season time to try something new

It’s officially Aries season! This New Moon is all about awakening our purpose, so why not jump into something new with full force?

Quiet your mind and ensure that you’re not acting out of impulse this week. If the answers seem to just come to you, it’s because the answers are literally just coming TO you. Open your heart and find peace in the past. Yesterday lives only in your mind.

Venus is still in retrograde, so don’t pay too much attention to old flames trying to re-enter your life. Hear them out. Express your acceptance of whatever took place and go. It’s all about reflection, which ultimately leads to growth.

Immersing yourself in activities that you’re passionate about will attract the same passionate energy to you. When you believe, the possibilities are endless. They truly become endless, especially in love. Let your inner beauty shine and you will be amazed by who is guided into your light.

ARIES: Be patient, Aries. Your prayers have been heard and they’re being answered!

LEO: Don’t you love how when you start expecting good things to happen, they just sort of … happen? Me too, Leo.

SAGITTARIUS: This week will be eerily peaceful. This gift of harmony and balance in your life may have you feeling a little skeptical. Don’t be skeptical. Enjoy it.

CAPRICORN: Let your intuition guide and reassure you that anything is possible. This Aries New Moon is reminding you that you are capable of achieving even your wildest dreams.

TAURUS: Whatever worries you had during the last moon cycle are long gone now. This is the perfect time to put your energy into something new.

VIRGO: Ridding yourself of negativity brings about much-needed clarity this week. There is very little that the universe is leaving you to question.

AQUARIUS: It is okay for you to open up. By sharing your emotions with others, you offer them insight through your experiences. More importantly, you heal.

LIBRA: You don’t need everyone’s approval before starting something new, Libra. I’ll just leave it at that.

GEMINI: Everything is lining up in ways you’ve been longing for. Why not keep this flow of abundance going by investing your time into something new?

PISCES: Pisces, please have some fun this week! I enjoy your energy way too much to see you all bogged down with meaningless worries.

CANCER: Ask yourself what it is that you’re truly upset about. Then ask yourself what all you have to be thankful for. Let me know which one wins.

SCORPIO: Shield yourself from anything serving as a blockage to you at this moment. Don’t let negativity, past or present, prevent you from making it happen this week!

Kabrea James can be contacted at [email protected]