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College of Business students collaborate in new Study Lounge


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Future business leaders know it takes a wholesome work environment and teamwork to execute their strategy, or in this case, master their classes and graduate.

Since the midterm, a few business students have integrated the Corbly Hall Study Lounge into their weekly routine. The lounge, located on the third floor, was originally a classroom before the Lewis College of Business refurbished it over winter break.

Noah Porter, vice president of Marshall’s American Marketing Association, said the lounge is the perfect environment for his way of studying.

“The purpose of this to me is that it’s in Corbly Hall, and it’s not only a study room, it’s like a discussion room,” Porter said. “When I go somewhere to study, it’s good for me if I have some form of open communication and friends to work with.”

The lounge can occupy about 20 students at a time. It’s equipped with a full-length whiteboard, a desktop computer station, a few office supplies, power outlets and five working stations. Given that the College of Business focuses on collaboration, the lounge is beneficial to students for group work and presentations.

“I like coming either right before or after my night class,” Sasha Assi, a marketing major, said. “It’s convenient, and the people I come here with are kind of like my network. We started coming here to practice, and now we hardly go anywhere else.”

Compared to Drinko Library, the lounge is lacking a few features. With some student suggestions and more users, it’s likely it can be further improved.

“In the library, you can plug laptops into a display monitor,” Assi said. “That would help a lot when we’re working together on PowerPoints and stuff in here.”

“The only addition I would make happen is a printer,” Porter said, “although a vending machine would be cool, too.”

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