MU Rep Your Roots Day

Marshall University’s Student Affairs Office sponsored “Rep Your Roots Day” Tuesday, a day dedicated to wearing a dashiki to unite students, faculty and staff from all demographics for the last event of Black History Month.

For the month of February, Marshall has hosted several events in celebration of Black History Month. Students, faculty and staff have shared in many ways their appreciation for the month with informational and recreational experiences.

Ciana Crawford, nursing major at Marshall, said she is “very lucky” to go to a university that is as open and accepting as Marshall.

“There were so many different opportunities during Black History Month to share our heritage with others,” Crawford said. “Rep Your Roots Day lets others see how proud I am of my heritage and who I am. It is important for me and other black people to show our university and America that we are united, especially with everything going on around us today.”

Crawford also said she enjoyed Black History Month at Marshall, but wants students to realize black people should be celebrated every day of the year.

“We shouldn’t just limit ourselves to being happy about who we are for one entire month, but for 365 days of the year,” Crawford said. “We need to be proud of our ancestors before us that have made many things possible for us and it is only right that we honor them as much as possible and not shy away from our roots.”

Wrapping up Black History Month, “A Night for Soul” featuring Jazz music was held at the Joan C. Edwards experimental theater Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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