Column: Leave Twitter logic on Twitter

We’ve all come across tweets that made us eye roll our way into a state of pure frustration. Too many people are basing their lives and the way they approach relationships off of memes and the need for social approval.

It seems as though Twitter users will say just about anything for some sort of reaction or, in this case, retweets.

I’ll admit Twwwwwwwwwitter is a great way to access news while also keeping up with friends, but the site also has a dark side. Twitter is the culprit behind a lot of unhealthy “social norms” that are widely accepted by today’s generation.

I never thought it was cool to brag about being unfriendly and having a bad attitude until I logged into Twitter. What’s even more saddening is the fact that countless others are able to relate and retweet these sentiments onto their own pages.

There is a real problem here. No one is born with a wall up towards others. This disdain is something that is developed and I feel that negativity on Twitter certainly aids in this development.

Can we get into the “petty war” that’s been playing out on Twitter for years now? Why is it a “thing” to see who is pettier and congratulate others on their pettiness? Why is being unpleasant celebrated? Why do we as a society enjoy watching others inflict pain or turmoil on someone?

All too often have I come across screenshots of personal conversations meant to expose someone on my timeline. Tweets like these receive an ungodly amount of attention, while tweets promoting any form of positivity go unnoticed. Why are we drawn to the dark and not the light? Why are we more interested in doing the wrong thing instead of what’s right?

Instead of retweeting a video of the Instagram model fanning herself with money and putting others down, why not tweet about something that made you happy that day?

It’s okay to be pleasant and embrace the love of others. It’s okay to take a different route. It’s okay to be you without anyone else’s input. Free yourself and seek out every ounce of light that the real world has to offer.

I urge us all to not only seek out the light, but to be the light. Think positive and spread love always. On and off Twitter.

Kabrea James can be contacted at [email protected]