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SGA writes letter to support foreign students


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The Marshall University Student Government Association wrote a letter to send to the West Virginia representatives expressing disapproval of President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily bans travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Senate members got together to express not only their feelings about the order, but also the concern for the Marshall family.

“At Marshall University, we are not only proud of being sons and daughters of Marshall University, but we are also of the beautiful state of West Virginia, where our motto is Montania Semper Liberi. We as a University value diversity as well which is espoused in our creeds emphasis of a ‘pluralistic,’ ‘open,’ and ‘safe’ community. Executive Order 13769 threatens the diversity and the freedom that we cherish on our campus,” read an excerpt from letter.

The letter will be addressed to Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Sen. Joe Manchin and Congressman Evan Jenkins and will be sent out as soon as it is signed.

“We have people on our campus and in our community who are scared and hurting. They feel alienated, segregated and discriminated. Our first priority, not even as Marshall students, but as people, needs to be helping them in any way that we can,” Student Body President Matt Jarvis said.

Marshall’s SGA is encouraging other Marshall students outside of SGA to contact their local delegates and share their feelings about the executive order, immigration and civil rights.

“As we drafted this letter, I was reminded why I decided to come to Marshall University,” Senator Austin Sanders said.

In the letter, SGA also expressed that they urge the denouncement of any additional measures that would inhibit the ability for international students to travel abroad without reparations.

“On Behalf of the student body of Marshall University, we urge you to support the International Students at Marshall University and oppose Executive Order 13769,” read an excerpt from letter.

“It is my hope that students will reach out to their local delegates and voice their opinions and beliefs. I also hope that our students take the time to talk about and understand how this problem effects all of it students,” Jarvis said.

Jesse McLain can be contacted at mclain[email protected]

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