Marshall makes updates to Wi-Fi


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As Marshall University students return to campus after winter break, some have noticed updates to the Wi-Fi across campus.

“Everything that was done over holiday break was [dealing with] the wireless network,” said Jody Perry, executive director of tech services. “We’ve had several students who were unable to connect whenever they got back.”

“I could not access the Wi-Fi at all in the dorms,” said Savannah Brewer, a sophomore at Marshall University. “I have an online class and I was quite petrified that I wouldn’t be able to complete it.”

Perry said some of the issues are due to the updated wireless controllers. To solve this problem, Perry said the new certificate must be accepted on the device trying to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Perry said if a device does not immediately connect to the Wi-Fi, then the user must accept the new certificate in the Wi-Fi settings on the device. If a new certificate does not immediately appear, then the user may need to turn their Wi-Fi off and then back on. A certificate should then appear.

If students continue to have issues with connecting to the wireless network, or any issues regarding wireless service, they may contact the IT Service Desk located on the first floor of Drinko Library.

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