XOXO, Michael Brown

The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I knew possible. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you! I’m just a college senior who enjoys giving his opinion. Here are some of the questions I got this week:

Sometimes in class I don’t speak up. I never really participate, I don’t find myself completely confident in the classroom but it is affecting my grades. What should I do?

I think you answered the question for yourself when you said its affecting your grades. If your grades aren’t where you want them simply because you aren’t speaking in class, then you better speak up or just stay seated and take the grade deduction.

What food would you miss most if you couldn’t have it anymore?

This is super easy for me to answer! I would miss milk the most, and of course any junk food that goes perfect with an ice-cold glass of milk. I am a milk enthusiast, I like it in all flavors, but, of course, chocolate is my favorite.

Name 5 things you love.

Chocolate milk, Tumblr, people watching, reality television and junk food are all the true loves of my life.

Why does the forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest?

I know exactly what you mean, girl, and I apologize if you are a boy asking this. There is just something about getting something you know you shouldn’t have sometimes that is just pure bliss. I mean, I’m thinking of all the things I shouldn’t do, but would love to do, as I type.

Are you generally a more optimistic person or a pessimistic person?

I am very optimistic, but I also try to keep it real with myself. I don’t think my optimism is a problem; sometimes being pessimistic is such a Debbie Downer.

What are your plans after graduating Marshall?

After graduating this spring, I pray I’ll be working towards earning my Master’s degree in marketing at the University of Maryland. After obtaining my MBA, I plan to move into the city and live a Sex and the City lifestyle. I want to be a well-known columnist for the local paper, working for a firm where I will be doing something public relations or advertising related. It would be amazing if I could one day even open my own firm. I just want to live life, travel and experience new things. I’m ready for whatever God has planned for me, I think.

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