Campus organizations sponsor sex-themed programs

A previous Marshall University student organization has come back together in creating the university’s first “Sex Week” set to surface on campus throughout the week.

The MU Students for Reproductive Justice is a new student-led organization that has been operating since the beginning of the spring 2016 semester.

Representatives said the group’s focus this week is to bring awareness to the organization as well as spread awareness and educate students on reproductive rights and birth control.

“We wanted to talk about the misconceptions of birth control along with a variety of other sex topics, including erectile dysfunction and other sexual things,” said MU Students for Reproductive Justice’s public relations and media representative Jessica Short.

This week, the MU Students for Reproductive Justice will host an assortment of events to give students the opportunity to learn about all of the different things there are to know about sex.

Tuesday, MU Students for Reproductive Justice will host “The Language of Consent” with Dr. Conley, “How to Talk to Your Doctor About Sex” with Dr. Yoost and Sexy “TED” talks.

On Wednesday, the organization will sponsor “Comic Books and Sexuality” with Britani Black, “West Virginia’s Sex Education” with Camille Ramsey, “The How To’s of Sex Toys with Dr. Muellerleile” and “Sexperts of Marshall.”

Thursday, the group will display sex positive art in the Memorial Student Center and host its final three conversations; “No Hard Feelings: Erectile Dysfunction and You” with Dr. Lewis, “Rainbow Talks” with Tony Sampson and “Sex Advice Live!” with Dr. Brewster, Dr. Chrol and Dr. Schulenberg to wrap up Sex Week.

“There are many different things that students don’t know about sex,” Short said. “It’s not just about sex its about education.”

Short said throughout the week, people will learn how to protect themselves and learn different elements about sex.

Students, faculty and staff will also have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win sex toys and gift cards.

All proceeds from the raffle go to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape and Information Services.

More information, specific times and locations for the different discussions and workshops can be found on the MU Students for Reproductive Justice Facebook page.

Darius Booker can be contacted at [email protected]