Lecture will leave you saying “Hell Yes”

Ratio Christi will host a lecture involving the truth about Hell at 7:15 p.m. Monday in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center.

Adjunct professor at Biola University in Los Angeles Greg Koukl has spent his life working to educate others about the Christian faith.

Koukl has hosted his own radio talk show for 25 years, contributed to 14 books, been featured in numerous news stories and been involved in televised debates with atheists.

Chapter director of Ratio Christi John Mays said this lecture will help students to better understand that truth can always be found in diverse topics, like the subject of Hell.

“We hope students will learn that truth is objective and that Hell is real,” Mays said. “Too often, especially in today’s society, many, often students, will state truth is subjective, or that no one can know the truth. If it, truth, is subjective, then it basically becomes an opinion and if no one can know the truth statement itself is self-defeating.”

Mays said this is a subject that is important for all to understand, not just Christians.

“We feel the subject of Hell is important for people to know and understand because it is a reality,” Mays said. “Hell is the punishment for not believing in and following the Christian God. Some may argue that doesn’t seem fair for a loving God, or how do we know we are right and everyone else is wrong.”

The lecture will be followed by a question and answer period with Koukl. There will also be a three-century-old Torah Scroll on display at the event.

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