Power outage affects campus second time in two weeks

Marshall University students, faculty and staff were affected Monday morning for the second time in two weeks by power outages.

Nearly 4,000 Appalachian Power customers were without power in Cabell county, spanning from campus to east Huntington, towards Proctorville, Ohio.

Appalachian Power spokesperson Phil Moye said the company has been undergoing equipment improvements.

“We are doing a fair amount of work in our substations where we are replacing equipment and upgrading lines,” Moye said.

Moye said this was the reason for the first outage a few weeks ago, leaving nearly 7,000 customers without power for about two hours.

However, the reason for Monday morning’s outage is currently unknown.

On March 2, Marshall University was affected by a power outage where university officials cancelled classes.

Class cancellations were left at the discretions of professors during the most recent power outage.

Marshall University senior vice president of communications Ginny Painter said because they did not have an estimated time of restoration opposed to the March 2 outage, where they knew that power would be restored within one to two hours, they decided professors should have discretion over their classes.

Painter said the outages did not affect the majority of the campus academic buildings.

“Power was out on less of the campus today than it was two weeks ago, it was almost every building two weeks ago,” Painter said. “We had fewer classes that would have been affected.”

Marshall University president Jerome Gilbert and the rest of the senior cabinet made the call to leave the class cancellations up to the faculty.

The university does not have a set procedure or policy for power outage cancellations.

Power was fully restored around 11:20 a.m. and students were notified via University Communications.

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