Travel the world event brings culture to campus

Students traveled the world Friday on Marshall University’s campus.

The event “Traveling Around the World” was hosted by Commons Hall Council on Friday.

The event featured food from El Ranchito, La Famiglia and Stewart’s Hot Dogs. The event also featured corn hole, a hot dog eating contest and music.

Vice president of Commons Hall Council Trina Rogers said the council wanted to organize an event that would allow everyone to get involved.

“We decided instead of just doing a simple community-wide program, that we would reach out to those involved in the INTO program and not just the ones who live in commons,” Rogers said. “It’s a way of bringing people of different cultures together and what better way to do that than through the different types of food many enjoy each and every day.”

Rogers said they estimated an attendance of around 30, but were surprised to see that almost 100 people came out for the event.

Freshman criminal justice major Levi Wade said he enjoyed this opportunity to meet people.

“I just like, have been talking to a few people,” Wade said. “It’s been a good opportunity to meet people.”

Freshman math major Kayci Mains said she liked the food aspect of the event. “I have liked meeting different people,” Mains said. “It’s been interesting trying different food from different places and cultures.”

Rogers said she was glad people had a good time and learned about other people’s cultures, because that was the ultimate goal of the event.

“I’m just really glad everyone had fun, because I know I did,” Rogers said. “We hope that people learn that diversity is what makes us all unique in our own way and our many different cultures are what bring us together.”

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