UKirk prepares burritos for Huntington’s homeless


Nancy Peyton

UKirk students cook and prepare ingredients to roll burritos Thursday evening at the Campus Christian Center.

Marshall UKirk students rolled burritos for the Burrito Riders Thursday evening.

The Burrito Riders is a program in Huntington that delivers homemade burritos to those in need.

Interim campus minister Ellen Dawson said UKirk tries to make burritos at least once a semester. Other clubs, like UMS, also get together to cook burritos as an outreach project.

Dawson said they make around 70 burritos per batch, but this time they’re shooting for 100 or more.

She said she and the students have gotten better at the process as they’ve went along.

“The first time we made them, we actually had to look up ‘how to roll burritos’ on YouTube,” Dawson said. “But now we’re, well we’re not necessarily pros at it but we’re getting better.”

Last month, the Burrito Riders won Partner of the Year for Harmony House in Huntington because of the work they’re doing to help the homeless.

Sophomore psychology major Ryan Crouse said this work with the homeless is why he feels it’s important to help roll burritos.

“We have a big homeless problem in Huntington,” Crouse said. “It’s important to make sure that these people are fed.”

Sophomore chemistry major Talena Justice said this outreach is an easy and cost-effective way for ministries to come together to help those in need.

“I think the Burrito Riders and the cause they work for is awesome,” Justice said. “It’s an easy way to get together and spend time together, and also support a really good cause. It’s easy to do and it’s cheap, and you can make a lot of burritos for little money.”

The Burrito Riders have a recipe available online for any club who wants to get involved and help out the homeless in the Huntington community.

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