Annual CRU men’s retreat concludes Sunday

The annual CRU men’s retreat gave students the chance to bond with peers while growing in their relationship with God.

According to CRU intern Drew Osenbach, the men’s retreat has been a CRU tradition for at least eight years.

Osenbach said this retreat is an opportunity for all of the men in CRU on Marshall University’s campus to come together.

“Normally, we have Bible studies for every kind of student on campus,” Osenbach said. “With the retreat, they get to know people not in their normal groups. They get to see a bigger picture of the movement of CRU and what we’re about.”

Osenbach said the men have had a men’s series Bible study leading up to the retreat for the last couple of years. This year, the men’s series focused on 1 Corinthians 16: 13-14. These verses talk about standing firm in one’s faith while being strong and courageous.

Sophomore chemistry and biology major, Sean Hall said the experience of growing in personal faith while bonding with the other men in CRU is what the retreat is all about.

“We get to sit down as a group of men and talk about what manhood means as God defines it,” Hall said. “We get to be honest and open with one another about how we fail to live that out and how God can overcome those failures.”

Sophomore psychology major, Tim Jones said the open communication with other students is what makes this retreat something to look forward to.

“When we get there to the retreat things start to happen,” Jones said. “Men from different backgrounds come together to learn more about God and biblical manhood, while creating new bonds with each other. One of the greatest things about the retreat is that we as men can be honest, vulnerable and show emotion, withholding nothing.”

This year, the men’s retreat was held Feb. 5-7 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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