CAB brings Mobile Gaming Bus to campus

The Mobile Gaming Bus came to Marshall’s campus from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Campus Activities Board’s “CAB Presents Mobile Video Gaming” event.

Designed by WV Mobile Gaming LLC, the Mobile Gaming Bus is fully equipped with gaming equipment, including six 50 inch TVs, a surround sound system and several video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Sarah Dyke, CAB’s advisor said the event is more male-targeted, but was open for everyone.

“It’s just a fun event for students to participate in while walking to class, get out of the cold a little bit, have some fun, and relax,” Dyke said.

In order to play games on the bus, students needed to show their student ID to a present CAB staff member. Students walking by could also try to play motion-controlled games such as “Fruit Ninja Kinect” or “Just Dance” on the side of the bus. Up to 24 people could play at once using the Mobile Gaming Bus’ system.

Participants could choose to play well-known console games from various genres, from sandbox to action-adventure. Most students ended up playing multiplayer sport games such as “NBK 2K16,” “Forza Motorsport 5” and “Madden NFL 25.”

WV Mobile Gaming LLC sent two of its staff members to Marshall’s campus during the event to operate the systems and take care of players.

Craig Petry, founder and owner of the WV Mobile LLC, said he thinks the event went  well.

“It’s growing as the day goes on,” Petry said. “I think we have opportunities to come back in the spring and fall.”

The CAB office will pick a random ID number out of the participants list and give out an Xbox One console on Monday.

Son Nguyen can be contacted at [email protected].