Huntington Begins Warrant Sweep

Huntington began a warrant sweep Tuesday, targeting residents who have not complied with the Huntington Municipal Court for numerous infractions.

Offenders who have city warrants going back five years or more are eligible for an amnesty program that allows them to pay reduced fines and have the warrants removed.

In a press release, Municipal Court Judge Cheryl Henderson said repeat offenders appear fairly often in her courtroom.

There are more than 500 outstanding warrants on file according to the Municipal Court’s office.

The warrant sweep includes 10 repeat offenders who have either refused to clean up their property or pay city fines, but these repeat offenders may be targeted for other infractions.

The sweep lasts from Tuesday to Nov. 13.

Outstanding warrants can be paid at the Huntington Police Department on 10th Street with cash, credit card or a money order.

John Cole Glover can be contacted at [email protected].