Manchin To Vote Against Iran Bill

Senator Joe Manchin announced his vote will be against the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Manchin made his decision based partly on his belief that Iran should not be rewarded for sponsoring terrorist actions.

Manchin was at first on board with the decision to reach an agreement with Iran. The agreement, led by Secretary of State, John Kerry and the Obama Administration, would limit Iran’s ability to manufacture and possess nuclear weapons. These weapons, in theory could be used against the United States or our allies in the Gulf region.

The West Virginia senator cited Iran’s untrustworthy past and sanctions Iran had ignored in the past as reason to vote against the current bill.

Iran and the U.S. were allies at one time, but after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, relationships have declined.

The theocratic nation often verbally attacks the U.S. and Israel, one of the U.S.’ closest allies.

“This bill had to address Iran’s terrorist actions,” Manchin said on his website. “Without doing so would reward Iran’s 36 years of deplorable behavior.”

“It is because of that belief, and a month of thoughtful consideration, that I must cast a vote against this deal,” Manchin wrote.

Manchin also mentions the fact that Iran is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. soldiers.

Currently, 42 Senate democrats are for the Iran Bill. Manchin is 1 of 4 democrats that publically oppose the bill.

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