A New View

If you haven’t heard of Kim Davis, then you must not have any form of social media or access to a TV. Davis is the clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples.

There are many people out there who disagree with her decision. She is citing her religious beliefs as her motivation to not issue the licenses.

I am a Christian and because of that fact I do not personally believe in gay marriage for myself. However, I also believe that people are free to live however they please.

No one is without sin. You can hate the sin but at the end of the day you should always love the sinner. If we hated everyone who sinned differently than we do, we would live our entire lives alone and incredibly unhappy.

Gay marriage is still a very hot button issue, especially after the Supreme Court ruling to make it legal in all 50 states. One of the reasons why it is such an issue is because of the legal rights given to married couples by the government.

Marriage was originally intended as a religious institution with foundations built on love. Government involvement has led many in today’s generation to believe that marriage no longer works.

The government should be able to put rules and restrictions on certain aspects of everyday life. Otherwise, this country would fall apart. Marriage should not be one of those things. The government should not be able to put a definition on love.

We have a separation of church and state and I feel that marriage should fall under this. If we took away the tax breaks given to married couples, the restrictions keeping partners from being able to visit each other in the hospital if they’re not married and all of the other rights given exclusively to married couples, we could lessen the fight over gay marriage significantly.

Whether you believe Kim Davis is right or wrong in her decision, I think we can all agree that this situation has been taken way too far. I’m sure that a much simpler solution could be found than throwing her in jail.

This situation is definitely one to follow and will spark political, legal and religious debate for months to come.


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