Cabell County Sheriff’s department offers tips to prevent car break-ins

Huntington is the second largest city in West Virginia as of 2010, with an estimated population of 50,000 people, leaving car thieves a lot of opportunities for potential robberies.
Lt. Steve Minor with the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department said break-ins should be reported immediately.
“It’s possible that if one person calls to report a break-in, the suspected individual may still be in the general area breaking into other cars and it’s possible that we may even catch them in the act,” Minor said.
Minor offered three tips to help prevent break-ins.
The first tip is to lock the car. Minor said he thinks lack of attentiveness really attracts thieves.
The second tip is to remove valuables, including electronic devices from the car. Minor said he thinks students have the most electronic devices and encourages them to bring items they wouldn’t want to get stolen, inside their homes.
The third tip is to park the car in a well-lit area. Minor said this definitely contributes to break-ins.
Minor said to utilize streetlights while parking on the street, and attempt to park closely to lamps or lights in parking lots.
Minor said there is likelihood to retrieve items that have been stolen.
“If you as an owner record the serial numbers on items like electronics, that increases the chance of police returning said items to you,” Minor said. “Not recording those numbers significantly decreases your chances.”
Minor said students who live off campus should take extra precautions.
“Thieves know where off campus apartments are and they know where the parking lots are too,” Minor said. “It’s easy pickings to go through those lots and just see which cars are unlocked. Thieves in those situations might not stand out as much.”
Minor reiterates that reporting crimes help officials prevent crimes.
“If you are a victim of any crime, report it as soon as possible to the proper authorities and give us an opportunity to try and catch the perpetrator and bring them to justice for whatever it is they may have done,” Minor said.
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