Good Time Management Skills Important to Success

Marshall University held a roundtable discussion on the topic of time management Feb. 4 on Microsoft Teams.

The event was led and set up by Graduate Assistant Dar- rioun Webb. Its goal was to talk about time management components and then have an engaging conversation about real-world difficulties that people in the group struggle with, in terms of time management.

“Having good time management is crucial if students are going to have a good semester,” Webb said.

“I was motivated about this topic because I believe that it is a crucial component of a successful academic year, espe- cially for early-career students who are learning to operate within a completely new structure,” Webb said.

Students took the time to discuss how they could grow in the area of time management and talked about obstacles and personal issues they have to overcome to be successful in their semester.

“Finding balance requires some self-reflection, from my perspective at least,” Webb said. “The balance between social life, academics, and mental health can be achieved by proper planning; allowing adequate time for each domain to feel fulfilling.”

Even for students who did not attend the meeting, time management still weighs on their minds, especially during COVID-19.

Time management is something that I have improved upon as time has gone along, student Landon Meadows said. “Time management is a valuable skill that I have improved through resources such as the calendar on outlook, which helps me keep up with things and improve in everyday life,”

Meadows said. Virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become a huge part of some people’s lives ever since COVID-19 struck.

“Even though COVID-19 is making human interaction more complicated, we have managed to find a way to stay in touch through technology,” Meadows said.

“I believe that COVID-19 is making things more difficult due to the lack of classroom setting and the lack of human interaction that comes with it, but with the age of the inter- net, people have found new ways to stay connected, which includes me,”Meadows said.

As students continue to live their daily lives, Marshall University is hoping that its students have a wide array of knowledge in managing their time effectively, pandemic or not.