Ebony Ball: Dressing up, dancing, celebrating Black History Month

Ebony Ball gives Marshall University community a chance to get fancy and celebrate Black History Month, 7 p.m. Feb. 15 in the Memorial Student Center. 

Shaunte Polk, the administrator for the Office of Intercultural Affairs, said the event is open to all and she encourages everyone to attend. 

“We want everybody to celebrate black history as much as we do,” Polk said. “This is just a fun time and we’re trying to show that. All are welcome, but ‘ebony’ just highlights the beauty of what it means to be African American or black and we want to symbolize it, but even though we are talking about that word, it’s still meant for everybody.” 

Polk said the event will bring good food and good time to anyone who participates. 

“It’s just an event that we can have fun, and everyone is welcome to dress up, listen to good music, eat good food and just mingle,” she said. “There are so few things throughout the year, through college, where anybody can dress up.”

This is the third Ebony Ball at Marshall, and Polk said she invites alumni members to the event as well. 

Tickets can be picked up at the door of MSC BE5 on the night of the event. Single tickets are $7, and couple tickets are $10. 

Polk said the Ebony Ball, like the other Black History Month events scheduled, is for anyone who wants to learn about black history. 

“I’m trying to make sure I drive the point home that please don’t get caught up in the words or the text of any events that we do because it’s still meant for all of you, it’s still a learning experience,” she said. 

Sarah Ingram can be contacted at [email protected]