Upcoming trombone ensemble concert to feature variety of music

A variety of musical approaches will be explored by Marshall University’s trombone ensemble during a concert Wednesday, Oct. 30 in Smith Musical Hall.

“We’re divided into two groups, one on each side of the stage, and they answer each other back and forth, like in a battle,” Michael Stroeher, a music professor at Marshall, said about two pieces the ensemble will be performing, one titled “La Battaglia” and the other a setting of “Ave Maria.” 

Stroeher also said the ensemble will be performing a piece written by one of Marshall’s own.

“One of the other pieces we’re doing is called ‘Prelude in Tocata,’ and it was written by Paul Weir, who was a pretty well-respected composer who taught here at Marshall for many, many years,” Stroeher said. “This way the students get to play a whole bunch of different styles.” 

One of the students in the ensemble, Jacob Lambert, has arranged his own piece from three tunes from “The Muppet Show” to be performed at the concert, according to Stroeher.

The ensemble is composed of nine students, but Stroeher said the numbers have varied up to 12 students. The ensemble typically has two concerts per semester, with a Christmas concert expected later this year at a currently undetermined date. 

Stroeher said the ensemble may also do different events in the future.

“We also try to go out and do (events) off campus. We’ve played at some of the churches around here for Christmas,” Stroeher said. “We also, last year, played Christmas carols at the Student Center. We may do that again.” 

Stroeher said he encourages people to come view the concert because it can be an enjoyable experience.

“I think there’s a wide range of music and most of it is fun, and if it’s not fun it’s something that can be pretty moving,” Stroeher said. 

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