EDITORIAL: News Engagement Day


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The purpose of News Engagement Day, which was Tuesday, Oct. 1, is to give readers a chance to connect with their news organizations and ask questions. In honor of the day, Parthenon editors reflected on what news means to them. 


“I am so lucky to have the opportunity to tell stories and allow the public to be educated and informed in their decisions. Whether it’s politics, a new business or an inspiring feature, news is important. I love being able to give a voice to those who may not have had one otherwise. Hearing about the lives of others and portraying that in print is the best part of the job.”   

-Hanna Pennington, Executive Editor



“Everyone has a talent. For me, it’s my use of words and how I can craft them. That’s why news and journalism is so important to me; it’s how I can prove myself and put my talent to use. I’m honored to serve the public, especially Marshall students, as a journalist.”

-Amanda Larch, Managing Editor



“To me, newspapers are a platform for sharing and assessing uncensored ideas and stories, representative of a dedication to relentless truth-telling and an ever open dialogue amongst individuals of all walks of life.” 

-Douglas Harding, News Editor



“Having the opportunity to learn and share the heartfelt, intimate stories of people, and help keep people informed as they should be is what is fulfilling to me. The stories behind the story is what I want to tell. That’s where the passion lies.”

-Meg Keller, Social Media Manager


“News means everything to me. It means telling stories and finding a more meaningful purpose. My favorite kind of news is sports. As a determined and hardworking journalist, I want to demonstrate my passion for sports in the professional sports world while remaining a dedicated and focused person and female journalist.”

-Taylor Huddleston, Assistant Sports Editor