Take advantage of the Rec

Included in student fees, the Rec could help students reach their 2015 fitness goals

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There are so many Marshall University students who don’t take advantage of the Rec Center the way they should.

College is essentially the only time in our lives that a gym will be so easily accessible to us. For some, it’s a simple walk from a dorm room that may only be a few yards away. For others, it’s simply scheduling a time in their day to stop by to exercise. Basically everyone has the same opportunities for a good workout.


We are already paying for our membership to the Rec in our tuition, so there’s really no excuse not to use it. It’s too much money on our end not to use the facility at all. Even if exercise isn’t your thing, there are many activities to partake in. You can play basketball with your friends, take a swim, join a yoga class, or even run on a treadmill. There’s something for everyone, regardless of how in shape you are or what your endurance level is. You can also try different things until you find something that suits your gym persona.

Staying healthy and keeping in shape is important at any time in one’s life, especially at our age. If we improve our physical activity this early on, we are more likely to keep up the pace throughout our lives. This will definitely lead to many benefits all around and could increase our lifespan and reduce our risk for obesity and heart disease. If the good outweighs the bad, why would anyone avoid getting in shape?

With the start of 2015 and a new semester, it’s a perfect time to start penciling in trips to the Rec to stay fit. Unlike other New Year resolutions, this is one that everyone should keep. If it involves your health, it’s a great idea, especially while in college.

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