Parking imposes a problem to commuter students and faculty

Bri Shelton, Columnist

If there’s one topic that can quickly fuel a debate at Marshall, it’s the issue of parking, and the lack thereof, for commuter students and faculty.

For this group of people, it’s the same story every day. They spend an extra five to ten minutes every morning driving around the parking garage or surface lots looking for a place to park. They may already be running late or need to get something done before class starts. However, this right is taken from them because of the abundance of on-campus students who bring their cars to Marshall and leave them in the lots.

What’s the point of bringing your vehicle with you to college if you live on campus? You can walk to class, have all the resources you need at Marshall, and everything else is within walking distance. There isn’t a reason for you to shell out money for a parking permit you don’t use and keep others from finding a parking spot. It just isn’t right.

Parking is expensive enough without the guarantee of having somewhere to park. If you don’t arrive to campus by 9 a.m., you’ll basically be out of luck finding an open space. The lots and parking garage stay full constantly with all the on-campus cars, and adding commuter students takes every extra spot.

I understand the desire to have your vehicle close by. I really do. If you live on campus, though, what’s the need for your car to be here? If you want to head home for a weekend, your parents or another family member could always come get you and bring you back. If you want to get off campus, there’s plenty in downtown Huntington to do that isn’t far from Marshall’s campus.

I’m not saying that on-campus students shouldn’t be allowed to park cars here at all. I’m just saying that first priority should be given to commuter students and faculty who actually drive and park their cars every day. Or at the very least, everyone on campus should be confined to one parking lot so more spaces will open up for everyone else.

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