Student Organization and Involvement Fair exposes students to opportunities on campus


Franklin Norton

Franklin Norton I The Parthenon Members of Pediatric Entertainment Program recruit for their group at the Student Engagement Fair Tuesday on the Student Center plaza.

The Student Organization and Involvement Fair offered students the opportunity to get involved on campus Tuesday on the Memorial Student Center Plaza. Tables from various organizations were set up along the plaza from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Leaders from multiple organizations stopped and talked to students about campus involvement, community service, Greek life and other organizational activities. 

“Our goal today really is to put our name out there and get more members,” said Jacqueline Browning, vice president of Marshall University’s Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. “We are lacking in resources and members, so we really just want to get our name out there and get people interested.” 

Courtney Sowards, the representative for Marshall Mentors, referred to the mentorship program as a “family” and that any student who wanted to get involved in the mentorship program or just wanted a group of peers to hang out with was more than welcome to do so. 

“We want to get them involved in our community; we want more people to join our family,” Sowards said. “All the tables out here today are really just trying to grow their families.”

Rachel Handley, a first year student, was representing the CRU table despite saying that she had just joined last week. 

“CRU is really welcoming and open to all sorts of people,” Handley said. “They’ve really made me feel like a part of the organization already.It’s really good for people just starting here to get involved in something. It’s important for organizations to reach out to people who may not know where to start, so I really think this fair is a great opportunity for that.” 

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