Gilbert setting example for university community

Courtesy Photo | Marshall University Relations
Marshall University President Jerry Gilbert

President Jerry Gilbert begins his first full year as Marshall University’s president this semester, and students and faculty alike are eager to be a part of his initiatives to make Marshall the Best. Decision. Ever.

“He’s absolutely setting a fantastic example for the rest of the University community — he is very civic-minded and community-minded,” said Ginny Painter, senior vice president for communications and marketing at Marshall University.

Painter said President Gilbert strives to be involved with students, and this semester he is teaching a UNI100 class.

President Gilbert also works with a group of students called Presidential Ambassadors. These students work with the Office of the President at special events and meetings. They also represent Marshall to the community.

Junior biology pre-med student and presidential ambassador Andrew Cottrill said he was very excited to get to know President Gilbert and assist him throughout the year.

“I think it’s what we all look for in a president, as students, someone that’s relatable, that you can actually talk to and get to know,” said Cottrill. “And someone who is really invested in the students, which President Gilbert is.”

Cottrill said he is also looking forward to the upcoming investiture and meeting other members of the community and the university.

“I’m definitely excited for all the events that will display everything he wants to bring into Marshall,” said Cottrill.

Painter also said she was looking forward to the events in September — John Marshall’s birthday, Constitution Week, and the Investiture — all of which will showcase the talents and traditions of Marshall University.

“It really does symbolize the passing of the torch and celebrates Marshall,” said Painter.

According to Painter, President Gilbert wants the investiture to focus on the university community more than himself.

“He really wanted to showcase the talents of our students and faculty in that way, and we have something for everyone,” Painter said.

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