InsideOut brings music to Campus Christian Center

The lights danced and the music swelled Monday night in the Campus Christian Center.

The campus ministry InsideOut hosted a free concert event, entitled “Purpose.”

Students shared their personal testimonies before the event started. Hands and voices were raised in tribute to the work of the Lord.

Senior Zack Sturgill said this concert is a culmination of the efforts of InsideOut throughout the semester to unite individuals as Christians despite denominational borders.

“The whole purpose of us being here as Christians is to know God and to make him known to others,” Sturgill said. “Our praise team, praise and worship band, they’ve been working hard for weeks getting this set list together. It’s going to be an awesome experience.”

No matter what brought those in attendance to the event, many of them were in agreement that they were excited about feeling God’s presence and uniting together in worship.

Junior Christian Davis said these uniting forces were what he was most excited to see in the event.

“What I’m looking forward to most about this evening would definitely be everyone just letting loose and all of the walls broken down in people’s worship and them just going after God will all they got,” Davis said. “Just a real, authentic and passionate worship, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Freshman Madison Morris said that meeting the people involved with InsideOut is what drove her to attend the event Monday night.

“It’s just a great place to be honestly,” Morris said. “Just praising God with all these amazing people, it’s just an amazing atmosphere that I wish everyone could experience.”

Freshman Taylor Williamson said she was excited to glorify God for the work he does.

“I’m looking forward to just worshiping God and just thanking him for everything he’s done for us,” Williamson said.

Junior Ciana Crawford said she was looking forward to devoting an evening to nothing but glorifying God.

“I am just looking forward to having a night that’s just specifically for worship and nothing else because I love worshiping the Lord,” Crawford said.

The event included an open coffee bar and free food.

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