Herd tennis team hosts its first home matches of the season

In its first home contests of the season, Marshall University women’s tennis team (1-2) will face Morehead State University (0-3) and Radford University (0-3) Friday at the Huntington Tennis Club.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for us because it’s our first home match,” sophomore Maddie Silver said. “And we have been working really hard on and off the court.” 

The Herd’s only win of the season came against Yale University after the team rallied back from a 1-3 deficit to overcome the Bulldogs, 4-3, Jan. 23 at the ITA Kick-off Weekend.

Silver said despite the team being ranked No. 53 in the nation, it is still making minor adjustments in its training in order to become a more well-rounded team.

“During our matches, my coach takes notes on what we need to work on,” Silver said. “And then in practice, we review those notes and then practice what was written.” 

With a team consisting of six members, junior Anna Pomyatinskaya said everyone on the roster matters, especially in its upcoming matches against Morehead State and Radford. 

Pomyatinskaya, who has battled a back injury and has not played much since April 2015, said finishing her singles match against the University of South Carolina in the Herd’s last match, was a huge step in the right direction for her.

“Each year is unpredictable,” Pomyatinskaya said. “I can’t say who will be a more difficult opponent, but I can be sure we will be ready.”

Marshall faces Morehead State at 10 a.m. and Radford at 5 p.m.

Junior Derya Turhan, who is the 99th-ranked individual player in the nation, has primarily played in the No. 1 spot this season. Turhan is 11-6 this year, including a current three-match win streak.

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