Album Review: Head Full of Dreams

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It’s been 17 years since the shy looking boy band from London, Coldplay, debuted with “Parachutes,” which featured one of its best songs of all time, “Yellow.” Ever since, the group has been one of the most celebrated bands to have ever played alternative rock. Late last year, Coldplay released its seventh studio album “A Head Full of Dreams,” which singer, Chris Martin called a completion of something that the band began.

Coming from an insipid and surprisingly dark album “Ghost Stories,” which was influenced by the high-profile split of Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, there were quite a few who remained skeptical about being upbeat with the release of its latest project. While a lot of bands fade into oblivion after tasting unfathomable success, Coldplay are amongst the very few who have been audacious enough to change its course of direction with “A Head Full of Dreams” and the even fewer who have succeeded with such high acclaim.

The album’s first song “A Head Full of Dreams,” starts on a rejuvenating flavor with Martin hymning “There are miracles at work.” Fresh optimism fused with Martin’s beautifully sunbathed voice keeps the song alive. “Birds” and “Hymn for the Weekend” add a groovy zest to the album. Beyonce works her charm through “Hymn for the Weekend,” a song which should be soaring through boomboxes at house parties this year. “Up and Up” and “Everglow” are the only songs which might surface some nostalgia for the fans longing to get a taste of their glorious old work, as the upright piano comes to life in “Everglow.” Noel Gallagher’s appealing contribution to the guitar in “Up and Up” reinstates how proficient of an artist he will always be.

“A Head Full of Dreams” comes across as a sequel to “Mylo Xyloto,” which was one of Coldplay’s finest albums, both on and off stage. Without any emotionally soaked genius songs like “The Scientist” or “Fix You,” Coldplay still delivers a bright and colorful project without producing a single dull moment. It’s an album about love, respect, dreams and love again.

Coldplay have announced their highly anticipated “A Head Full of Dreams” US tour, the band’s first since 2011 and 2012. Its first gig is at MetLife stadium outside New York on July 16th.

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