SGA funds support student organizations

Hannah Sayre, Reporter

Each year, the Student Government Association allocates $25,000 to fund student organizations, and this year, all the money has been used in less than half a semester.

Last year, $10,000 was given to student organizations who applied for SGA funding, but this year, there was an overwhelming amount of applications. Fifty out of 65 student organizations have been funded so far this year.

Before Christmas break, the executive staff of SGA will assess its budget help fund the remaining student groups.

Duncan Waugaman, Marshall University student body president, said it is amazing that so many groups have applied for funding this year.

“In past years, the allocated funds we have for student organizations have not all been used,” Waugaman said. “Helping out as many groups as possible is our goal, and we are going to try to do just that. Hopefully, we can find excess money to help the remaining 15 groups that applied as well.”

A lot of groups funded by SGA use the money to help with fundraisers they have for their organization.

Jordan Harris, president of Delta Chi fraternity, said with the help of SGA, they were able to have a successful spaghetti dinner fundraiser for The V Foundation.

“The money we received from SGA helped us buy all the supplies we needed for our spaghetti dinner,” Harris said. “We were able to give all the money raised through ticket sales, totaling around $1,000, straight to The V Foundation for cancer research.”

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