Coyotes in Boxes prep latest single


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Sean Dunn performs with Coyotes in Boxes members Steven Holland, Kyle Baughman and Sean Knisely.


Nashville by way of Huntington indie rock band Coyotes in Boxes is collaborating with Sean Dunn, a member of the legendary Athens rock band Five Eight.

Dunn met the band through its manager Dan Mistich, who also co-curates the West Virginia record label Twin Cousins Records.

“We put a show together at a place that he worked at,” Dunn said. “Not that I doubted him, or have room to talk because I’m in a band called Five Eight, but ‘Coyotes in Boxes, what?’ I was getting ready to go get a cup of coffee before they played and they started playing, it was real immediate. I’ve been a fan since the first note I heard of them.”

It was Coyotes in Boxes’ unique sound that drew Dunn toward the band.

“It’s everything that I really like about music,” Dunn said. “It’s really pop music, but the structures are weird without sounding it’s attempting some mass problem. It sounds very organic, there’s just something I couldn’t believe that these guys were doing this incredible kind of music, and I had never heard of them.”

The band plans to release the song “Vaporize” as a single in early 2016. The single will be mixed by Drew Vandenberg who worked on Ona’s album “American Fiction.”

“I had a really fascinating talk with Steven (Holland) I had just heard their song “Vaporize,” and we were discussing how they wrote that song,” Dunn said. “He said he was in a retail shop, and he heard a song with that name, and he said the song was OK but he really connected with the name. He pictured in his mind what a song with that name should sound like.”

Dunn sat in with Coyotes in Boxes during its Huntington Music and Arts Festival Pre-Party, and attended the festival itself afterwards, for his first visit to Huntington.

“Dan and Dave Mistich are always saying that they’re working on getting a scene together in that area and I really thought the scene was already pretty much fully formed,” Dunn said. “It was quite an experience to be at a festival where I was pretty much floored by everybody that I saw from the minute that I got there. Just a real group of supportive people, who although they have different sounds everyone seemed really into it and focused on the music end of it. Another band that’s blowing me away right now is Ona, but everybody I saw was staggering that whole day. I was pretty impressed.”

Following the single’s release, Coyotes in Boxes plans to release its sophomore full length album, its first release since the 2014 extended-play “Yowler.”

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