Fall and summer registration approaches

Marshall University’s summer and fall registration is approaching as the spring semester comes to a close.

Seniors and graduate students enroll April 13, juniors enroll April 14-15, sophomores enroll April 16-20 and freshmen enroll April 21-24.

Honors students’ early registration will begin April 9-10, and summer school registration begins March 30.

Current freshmen and sophomores, depending on the college students are enrolled in, are required to meet with their advisers to lift academic holds.

“Some advisers require appointments, some advisers are drop in, some have faculty advisers, some have professional advisers,” said Student Services Specialist Tammy Reynolds. “Every college is different, so a student just needs to check with their adviser. Some advisers will email and say ‘schedule an appointment with me,’ so that’s kind of individualized with each college.”

Reynolds said it is important to meet with advisers to be sure students are taking classes required and relevant to his or her major.

Reynolds said tips for registering are: plan ahead, have some back-up classes ready in case a class fills up and remember junior and senior evaluations.

“A good planner is going to be a good scheduler,” Reynolds said.

Late registration and schedule adjustments will resume August 24-28.

Sara Ryan can be contacted at [email protected].