Keeping time with Apple

The device is not supposed to take away your phone, it is merely supposed to be an accessory. Just like a great pair of shoes is to an outfit.

The Apple Conference took place Monday showcasing a variety of new products including the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is one of the newest advances in technology, with a 38-42 millimeter touch screen, it is fully equipped to interact with apps, answer texts, answer calls, etc. The Apple Watch is the newest way to control your entire life…from your wrist.

What will the Apple Watch mean in the grand scheme of things? My prediction is the Apple Watch will only be consumed by a small market, considering the reported cheapest watch will be anywhere from $349-$399. The most expensive watch will be priced at a whopping $10,000-$17,000. Nevertheless, good technology is expensive, and if you are invested in keeping up with the latest technology, then the price may be worth it.

For me, it is an internal battle. I will not be a consumer of the Apple Watch anytime soon, merely because it is technology I do not need at the moment. And that is the issue, what exactly is necessary in the Apple Watch that people will actually need? The biggest argument I have heard from Apple Watch admirers is that it makes it more of a convenience to answer texts and calls because, in theory, your phone is right there on your wrist. Nifty, right? We will see.

The Apple Watch, just like everything else, is a change that we will have to get used to. It will definitely be a change to see people talking to their wrists and obsessively gawking at their watches. But, the device is not supposed to take away your phone, it is merely supposed to be an accessory. Just like a great pair of shoes is to an outfit.

Speaking of accessories, this new device is not only bringing design to Apple’s technology, but it is bringing technology to fashion. Apple produced an entire line of interchangeable bands to go with the watch. They range from athletic bands to more flashy bands made with shiny buckles and fashionable colors. Apple is now not only integrating technology into our lives, but they are adding an element of fashion to our technology that we can wear and display.

Apple’s release of the Apple Watch is either going to make it or break it. I think it will be off to a rocky start, but eventually it will be like every other piece of technology in our lives: we will find it necessary. Design and impeccable technology is what Apple is known for and I doubt they will produce any less in this newest release. And they will throw in a little bit of fashion while they are at it. It will take a little adjusting, but this newest accessory will, no doubt, fall far from anywhere but astounding.

Amanda Gibson can be contacted at [email protected].