Column – Piles of snow become piles of homework

After classes were cancelled for an entire week due to weather conditions, students find themselves buried in tons of extra homework.


Andrea Steele

Students take advantage of the snow day Feb. 16 by sliding through the snow drifts on campus, instead of catching up on homework.

After these rare and much appreciated snow days, the piles of snow are soon going to turn into piles of homework. As everyone catches back up with their syllabi, you might find yourself under more pressure to get your homework done than usual. So, throughout the next week, make sure to prioritize and make yourself a daily to-do list so you can be sure to stay on task.

Prioritize. Something a lot of us probably are not good at. One good way to prioritize is to put the smaller assignments in front of your bigger assignments. This way, you can stop stressing about those smaller projects and you can spend more time concentrating on the more time-consuming projects. Another way to prioritize is to do the opposite; start on your big, stressful projects first, so when you are finished you are left with tasks that look simpler and will take less time to do. Either of these is a great way to make sure you do all of your assignments and stay on task while doing them. If you start small and work your way up, or vice versa, you may feel more motivated to get all of your work done because it is laid out in a nice list.

Make a to-do list. After you have gotten your priorities straight, make a list of the things you need to do on a piece of paper, your assignment book, or in your phone. I have a to-do list in my phone where I list every day of the week, when things are due and when I need to work on them, edit them and submit them. This list keeps me on task, and I always know which assignments I need to focus on the most. Also, this will keep you from submitting your assignments at the last minute because you always know when things are due.

But we face so many distractions throughout the day, so how do you stay on task? Try studying in the library where it is quiet or turn your room into a quiet study area. Turn off your television, turn down your music and lay your phone somewhere away from you so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Try to stay away from areas where you will be inclined to talk to friends and try not to check social media. Stay on task for a full hour with no distractions, then give yourself a break. If you repeat this cycle, you may find yourself being more productive and getting your homework done a lot faster.

If you are like me, this winter weather is making you sluggish, and the prospect of more homework on your schedule can be exhausting. So be sure to prioritize and take advantage of your to-do list to keep your deadlines in check and your assignments under control.

Amanda Gibson can be contacted at [email protected].