SGA Turning to Upperclassmen to Fill Roles

Emma Johnson, Student Reporter

Upperclassmen are being sought by The Student Government Association to fill seats and higher up positions. 

“In the spring, if you are a sophomore or above, you can run for a seat in the senate,”  junior Olivia Moncada, the Education Outreach chair, said.

Students who are in their second semester as freshmen and have completed the Apprenticeship Program or any student who is a sophomore or above can run for a seat in the senate or executive position in student government. 

These positions are ones that students get voted into at the beginning of each semester. 

“However, students who are running for a seat can only run for a college that you are a part of,”  Moncada said.

Students may only run for their prospective colleges, so if a student is involved with more than one college, they will have more than one platform to run on. 

Despite this restriction, Moncada added that most students who run for a position usually get some form of seat in SGA. 

Student government can be a good way for students to get involved on and off of campus as a lot of their work is community service based. 

Sophomore Alex Roets, secretary of Student Involvement said, “Having upperclassmen in student government is extremely beneficial because they experienced things on campus and can tell us how they have impacted during their time as a student.”

Getting involved with student government has opened students up to new friendships, opportunities and topics they may not have known about, accordign to both Moncada and Roets. 

“I think everyone should be involved with SGA, whether that be a senator or on the executive team. SGA is the place to take action about things that affect your education directly,”  Roets said. 

Students from each college have the opportunity to express their concerns that not only affect them, but also the students they represent, explained Roets. 

If you are interested in running for a position in student government, visit the SGA Herdlink page at or visit the SGA Instagram page for more information.