Concert Celebrates Baroque and Beyond

Lucy Bell, Photographer

Lively classical notes filled the air in the Jomie Jazz Center which could barely contain the number of audience members that came to hear the “Baroque and Beyond” concert Wednesday evening. 

The “Baroque and Beyond” concert marks the third installment of Marshall University’s school of music faculty shows this season featuring pieces from Antonio Vivaldi, George F. Handel, Luigi Boccherini and Ludwig van Beethoven. The concert pulled an audience of close to 80 members. 

Faculty concerts like “Baroque and Beyond” host a different ensemble of university colleagues as well as other musicians from around the state forming a bond between them all, according to Marshall University’s violin professor.

“We all know each other very well, and we’ve played a lot together but in different formulas. We mix it up every time,” Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith said. “I love playing with great colleagues, and yes, I do love the audience, absolutely, but also just playing with great colleagues.” 

With several more shows scheduled in the coming months, members of the chamber aim to continue to showcase their commitment to their practice as well as to students. 

“There’s a real devotion in the School of Music,” Dr. Wendell Dobbs, Dean of Marshall University’s College of Art and Media, said. “Performing and also sharing that with our students and also involving our students and so it’s really wonderful; it’s very gratifying to see a nice crowd like this tonight,” Dobbs said.

Students benefit from performing musicians, especially those that are their mentors, staying active as they get an opportunity to see what they are learning in the classroom come to life, according to Dobbs.

“It’s a great opportunity and joy for us to be together and make music, especially since we are also teaching,” Dobbs said. “It really reminds us what this is all about. Most of my day is working on paperwork or something like that, and this really is a wonderful opportunity to get out and blow out the cobwebs a little bit.”