“She Kills Monsters” to Debut in Early October

Taylor Isaac, Student Reporter

The School of Theatre and Dance challenges audiences to unleash their inner warrior with their presentation of the show “She Kills Monsters.” Written by Qui Nguyen, the dramatic comedy revolutionizes the world of tabletop roleplay into a real life adventure.

The story features recently orphaned Agnes Evans, who discovers her deceased sister’s Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) notebook. The pages chronicle the imaginary universe her sister created, sending Evans on an action-packed journey of discovery. 

The show’s director—Leah Turley—says that audiences will be wowed with how the performance blends whimsical fantasy elements with 90’s pop culture. 

“It’s the staging and the story that shift the inconsequential violence and fun camp of D&D into a story about processing grief,” Turley said.”This show is for anyone who’s ever felt like a nerdy, awkward loser teenager. It’s for us.”

The cast for the show includes the following Marshall students: Sierra Lutz, Nikki Riniti, Noah Ritchie, Jimi Lee, Jaden Babbit, Kendra Williams, Samantha Phalen, Candace Maynard, Michael Martin, Caelum Burgess and Emma Welker. 

No detail has gone untouched, according to the show’s cast. The show will feature screen animations, large-scale puppetry, intricate costuming, ambient music and atmospheric lighting. 

“The rehearsals have been a mix of fun and intense,” Burgess said. “We have really put our heart into every piece of this show. We even learned fight choreography for it so that the combat on stage felt even more real.”

Of all the shows Turley has directed, “She Kills Monsters” has been especially profound for her students and herself to work on. In her opinion, the fictional world of D&D lays the groundwork for storytelling among friends and transforms your own living room into a stage.

“D&D becomes a refuge for those who want to see themselves as magical, powerful and strong,” Turley said. “The characters live out their greatest fantasies and hardships in a world with no real-life consequences. Theatre does the same.” 

Free admission will be provided to Marshall students who present their MU IDs. General admission will be $20, and $15 for employees or seniors aged 60 and older. 

“She Kills Monsters” will run daily at 7:30 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday, Oct. 5 through Oct. 8, at the Joan C. Edwards Performing Art Center. Due to the violence, language, and sexual nature of the show audience members are recommended to be above the age of 16.